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Friday, 4 July 2008


For the past 5 weeks or so I have been working on the launch of a new community based website for a client, and after a lot of hard work from a very talented and visionary cross-agency team we went live yesterday with a private beta.

Metrotwin brings the world’s two greatest cities together in one space: an online community for people to share recommendations of the best places to go in New York and London.

There are hundreds of sites providing reviews, but where Metrotwin differs is that we are only interested in the ten best places to do things. So for instance, the ten best places to drink coffee, eat cupcakes or take a client to lunch. Recommendations can also be sub-location based – so within London you can find the coolest places in Clerkenwell or wherever. Every recommendation has a Metrotwin rating (a number out of 100) that updates as you use the site based on the number of times it’s viewed, commented, rated and saved.

While we are in the private beta phase participation is by invitation only, but within the next month or so the site will be open to the public and out there on the t’internet.

Become a fan of Metrotwin on Facebook. Just search ‘Metrotwin’ and join up. Or visit the ‘request an invitation page’ and put your name down to join the most exclusive, ‘in the know’ club in NyLon.



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